Sunday, April 8, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Another long and over due post. I really need to balance my time better. Sorry Kai for taking so long to post this up. 
I have been awarded another Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Kai from Kai's Runway. Be sure to check out her blog as she writes great reviews on make-up products. Extremely happy and excited as always about this award =) 
Again, I am going to skip rule #2 as I've already participated in this award before. You can read 7 (more like 14) things about me here and here.
Now here are the rules....

1. Thanks the person that nominated you with a link back!
2. Tell 7 Things about you!
3. Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award!

7 Things About Me
Click here and here

10 Newly Discovered and Lovely Bloggers I choose to pass the award to:

Congrats to all bloggers.


  1. Congratulations on your award!! I just saw your list of awards and you've got a lot of 'em!! Awesome!! Keep posting about such wonderful deals!! Love it!!

  2. congrats for the award

  3. thank you so much! that is so sweet of you :)

  4. congrats on your award! xx

  5. Congrats on your award hun and thanks so much for kindly passing it on to me!

  6. aww thank you so much sweetie!!! xoxo

    1. here is my post w/ the awards!!

      thank you again!!

  7. congats on your award! I found your blog via the blog hop event and I am stopping by to say hello! please check out my blog as well and follow if you enjoy my posts!

  8. Thank everyone for visiting. And congrats again to all those who won the award.