Saturday, February 4, 2012

The battle of the ZIT ZAPPER- To Splurge or To Save?

On left: Origins Super Sport Remover
On right: eyeslipsface Zit Zapper 

As we've promised, here is our very first review on two acne spot treatment products we think are worth mentioning. We hope everyone  find this review useful and helpful. Here goes.

Our top two acne spot treatment contenders are Origins Super Spot Remover VS e.l.f. Essentials Zit Zapper

If you feel like splurging, we recommend Origins Acne Super Spot Remover for $13.50. You are paying for a 0.3. fl oz/10ml bottle which in our opinion, is quite small. But in most case of Origins products, a little goes a long way. You just need a tiny dab and you are good to go.

The treatment contains Salicylic Acid, caffeine and red algae. All of these ingredients help fight and reduce blemishes and redness.

What we about this product :
-Reduces the size of blemishes within 2-3 days
- Reduces redness within 1 day
- A little dab goes a long way
- Does not dry out the skin like other acne treatments

What we don't like about this product:
- Does nothing for scars left by recent blemishes
- Has a bad smell (smells like medicine but not so bad or too strong where we can't handle it)

Overall verdict: We recommend this product if you have the money to spend. We this spot treatment as it did help reduce the size and redness of blemishes within a few days. However, we did not find this product to reduce blemishes or completely making them disappear overnight as a lot of other people had claimed. Still an overall good product especially if you have more than one annoying blemishes that you have to deal with on a daily basis. 

For only $1, we had to try the e.l.f. Zit Zapper. To our surprise, it worked a lot better than we've expected.

The treatment contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor. These ingredients are said to prevent blemishes, reduce redness and swelling and minimize pore size.

What we about this product:
-Reduces blemishes within 2-4 days
-Reduces redness within 1-2 days
-Does not irritate sensitive skin
-Easy to carry/travel around in a purse

What we don't like about this product:
-Dries out skin
-Sometimes the roller doesn't dispense the gel
-Have to apply a few times through out the day
-Does not reduce pore size
-Weird smell

Overall Verdict: If you are on a budget right now, we recommend this product. This acne treatment is great for the price. It reduces blemishes and redness faster than other drugstore brands. It also works with different skin types and does not irritate sensitive skin. However, it does not clear blemishes overnight (same as Origins super spot remover) but definitely reduces the blemishes within a few days.

Overall verdict for Origins Super Spot Remover VS e.l.f. Zit Zapper:
Between the two, we recommend Origins Super Spot Remover as it works a bit faster than e.l.f Zit Zapper. Plus, you only need to apply this treatment twice a day when compared to the e.l.f product, which needs to be re-applied through out the day to see a visible result. The Origins Super Spot Remover may cost a hefty price of $13.50 for such a small bottle, but like we said earlier, a little goes a long way. So a bottle should last about 5 months with daily use. We had ours for about 2-3 months and half way through with two people using it on a daily basis.

Readers: Have you tried either acne spot treatment products? Which do you like better? Would you rather splurge or save on acne products?


  1. I LOVE your blog, it's so helpful :D


  2. Thanks for sharing this. :D

  3. Great review.
    This is another ELF product I need to try.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Now following you.

  4. That's a great review!! It's amazing how for $12 less you get an OK product. ELF brand is usually pretty good on a budget. :)

  5. I've been using Origins since 2010 and I love it. New follower here. :)