Friday, May 4, 2012

April Samples

 Post by Ali:

Just wanted to share all of the samples I have received in April from freebies, sweepstakes, and magazines. A review on the Garnier BB cream will follow. I was looking forward to the BB cream sample, but must admit that I am a bit disappointed as I was hoping they would send me a bigger sample to try. My favorite sample of the month has to be the Target Beauty Bag (far top left in the photo). You can still try to snag the Target Beauty Bag Freebie here.

I hope May will have some great freebies too.

Readers: What freebies did you guys score last month?


  1. I got the BB Cream sample too, and I was also disappointed. Luckily, I managed to sign up for another sample of it recently so hopefully that will be enough to really try it xoxo

  2. congrats! hm do the 'douglas' freebies count? and then there was that wilkinson sword razor (that i really love!) but i got some nice sales/deals too :-D
    and wow, those bb cream samples are indeed VERY small o.O

  3. That Target Beauty Bag looks like a great freebie, which it were available where I live :)

  4. I love freebies! although over here its very hard to get any samples of anything!!

  5. i didn't got none! you had lots :)

  6. Thank you everyone for visiting =)