Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Hello there, SPRING

1. Top, 2. Bottom, 3. Sunglasses,
4. Bag, 5. Necklace, 6. Nail Polish, 7. Bracelet, 8. Sandals

With all of the talk about SPRING lately, it put us in the mood to create a SPRING outfit filled with all SPRING essentials. And because of this, we couldn't have been more excited when we heard that BLOG LOVE THERAPY is hosting another BLOG HOP with a twist. This week we are asked to create our first SPRING outfit look and share it with others. So here we are, sharing our first SPRING outfit look with you lovely readers. We created an outfit that is within our budget and, of course, one that will make us look good without breaking the bank (when you minus the Michael Kors bag).

Readers: are you excited for Spring? What is your ideal SPRING outfit?

Don't forget to join the HOP this week and share with us your SPRING outfit look.


  1. Love each piece of the outfit!! Wow, can't believe spring is officially here!

  2. Ooh, I see you've included some orange, as well! I'm loving the orange bag with the blue shoes. Lovely!

  3. oh i want that bag and sandals

  4. I am in love with that purse! So cute!

  5. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  6. Amazing post! I'm in love with that purse, and the skirt! :) I'm so exited for spring fashion!

    Following now :)

  7. Thank you everyone for visiting. And for all of the new follower =) You guys made my day.

  8. OH to die for. I would wear everything in a heart beat. Great choice on the Handbag MK is my new found LOVE! Thanks for stopping by and saying HELLO. Excited to follow you girl. Always, SOULBeautiful

    1. and I agree save money on the outfit so you can **SPLURGE** on the handbag!

  9. gorgeous colors here, following you back :) xx

  10. Love all the products there! Love Spring. Thanks for the follow, am following you back

    YY x